Compete In A Variety Of Challenges

RoboRAVE is an Open Platform competition:

ANY Robot, ANY Software, ANYONE from ANYWHERE!

Who can Play?

Teams of 2 to 4 Players + 1 Robot + 1 Coach

The Division is determined by the oldest player on your team

Those up to the challenge may compete in a higher division, but not multiple divisions of the same challenge

Elementary School

8 to 10 years

Middle School

11 to 13 years

High School

14 to 18 years

Big Kids



Design, build, and program a robot capable of completing an elevated maze in 2 minutes or less. The faster you can complete this tasks increases your overall score.


An autonomous robot that climbs a steep inclined plane to the top of a "mountain" to place your country or state flag in the designated zone.


Market, for votes from all attendees at the event, an innovative, working robotic product (autonomous and/or remote controlled) that customers will want to buy!

Fire Fighting

To design, build, and program an autonomous robot that can locate 4 lit candles, approach, and extinguish each one without contact.

Iq Innovative Robot

FREE Challenge: Submit a creative 60 to 90 second video showing how your working robotic design brings value to society within any environment.


To design, build, and program a line following robot that can carry a knight that will knock off your opponent’s knight by using it’s lance.

Lighter Than Air Vehicle

FREE Challenge: Design, build, and fly an autonomous Lighter Than Air Vehicle (LAV) to perform various tasks.

Line Following

An autonomous robot must follow a line to a tower, stop, deliver at least 1 ping pong ball, and return to home under 3 minutes. If time permits, the robot must then deliver a set number of balls for each division. Once the team has delivered the required number of balls, the time is stopped; however, a team can use all 3 minutes if needed.


To design, build, and program an autonomous robot that can push one or more opponent sumo robot(s) off an elevated wrestling ring. Sumo robot with a maximum mass limit, 1 kg for ES as Mini Class, 2 kg for MS as Medium Class, and 3 kg for HS/BK as Mega Class.